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Florida Has the Most Activity Recently on Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

Which are the states taking the lead on autonomous vehicle legislation? CA yes, but FL too. TN presumably because of vehicle manufacturing there. Of course, number is only one kind of significance.

fl 37 autonomous vehicle
fl 32 autonomous mode
fl 28 autonomous technology
ca 27 autonomous vehicles
ca 22 autonomous vehicle
hi 20 autonomous vehicles
fl 18 autonomous vehicles
ca 18 operation of autonomous vehicles
ca 17 autonomous technology
hi 16 autonomous motor
ca 16 autonomous mode
ma 15 autonomous vehicles
hi 15 autonomous technology
hi 14 autonomous motor vehicles
fl 14 operated in autonomous mode
us 13 autonomous vehicles
ma 13 autonomous vehicle
hi 13 report title autonomous motor vehicles
tn 12 autonomous vehicles
tn 12 autonomous state agency
tn 12 autonomous state
ny 11 autonomous vehicle
nj 11 autonomous transportation authorities
nj 11 autonomous transportation

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