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Terms Biased in Legislation v. 2.0

Just updated our corpus of terms (2-grams to 5-grams) scored for appearance in D- or R- legislation.  Some updates: only bills as sources, no resolutions.  Bipartisan bills removed, regardless of proportion.  Dictionary is now 18.3M, down from 23.2M when more bills were qualifiying.

So what are some biased terms?  Looking at recent BUZZFEED articles, some very-D-terms (minimum 10 bills):

corporate money, large-capacity magazines, immigration custody, adult women, obvious reason, nomination and confirmation process, major impediment, actual threats, marijuana enforcement, legal orientation, legalized marijuana.

Some very R-terms:

office of legislative affairs, coverage mandate, consent laws, foreign graduate, rural americans, minimum spacing, means of production, local curriculum, international speedway, american liberty, abortion laws, russian government officials, business intelligence, low-income americans, failing system, merger process, efficient plan, formalized process, violate terms.

I never get tired of seeing these and how they reveal the different priorities of the two parties.


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